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Easy to open and close

With Vinoseal, it takes just a click to open a bottle. Another click, and the bottle is sealed back and completely leakproof again. Easy to open and easy to close. Say goodbye to a corkscrew.

Why winemakers prefer Vinoseal

Vinolok – Clear Low-Top

No impact on
aroma or flavor

Don’t let cork ruin the aroma and taste of your wine. Glass has been proven to be the best material for storing wine over the centuries.

Vinolok – Black Low-Top

Slower further development
of wine inside the bottle

Wines sealed with the Vinoseal closure develop more slowly thanks to low OTR. So even big red wines keep their youthful freshness and fruitiness.

Vinolok – Rose Low-Top

Maintain stability
after bottling

Use Vinoseal to deliver stable environment in the bottle and to eliminate the difference in aroma and taste in each bottle thanks to total stability of the Vinoseal closure.


Many of the Vinoseal customers confirm that packaging is paramount to their success. If they want to remain competitive, their products need to stand out. Thanks to personalization of packaging and labels, customers feel that the producer is doing something extra for them. Vinoseal gives the packaging an impression of a premium brand by combining practical functionality with the unique aesthetic appeal.

Why spirits producers prefer Vinoseal

Vinolok – High Top with Transparent Colouring

Amazing customization
and design options

Show the individuality of your brand with custom colors, inserted jewelry stones or metal objects. Have the closure top cut into a diamond shape or made from wood.

Vinolok – Clear High-Top with Silver Metal Coating

Open and close the bottle
over and over again

We all know that cork closures break. It’s in their nature. But with Vinoseal, you can open and close the bottle as many times as you need, even after many years.

Vinolok – Frosted Black Vinoseal with Metal Ornament

Keep the taste and
aroma intact

Beverages closed with Vinoseal do not suffer from drawbacks which occur with the cork closures. The taste, aroma and color remain the same and  uninfluenced by cork.


The one and only completely leakproof closure for storing and transporting  beverages. Thanks to its unique properties, Vinoseal outperforms not only traditional cork but also other types of alternative closures.

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