Why spirits producers prefer Vinoseal

Vinolok is a glass closure for elegant and creative packaging. It allows brands to express their uniqueness like no other closure. It turns every bottle into an exceptional packaging.

Express your creativity

Use the Vinoseal closure to show your customers the individuality of your brand with custom coloring, inserted jewelry stones or metal objects. Have the top of the closure cut into a diamond shape or made from wood. Visit Design Options.

Vinolok Coloured Rings
Broken cork

Open and close over and over again

We all know that cork closures break easily. It’s in its nature. But with Vinoseal, you can open and close the bottle as many times as you need, even after many years.

Completely leakproof even after ten years

Increases the value of wine for the customers

Produced from pure glass, it makes a great souvenir

Keep your product safe with glass

Beverages closed with Vinoseal do not suffer from drawbacks which can occur with cork closures. The taste and color remains the same. There is no crumbling. After all, glass has been proven to be the best material for keeping beverages safe over the centuries.

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Vinoseal is a member of the Preciosa Group.