Make your packaging shine with Vinoseal Sparkle

Add various jewellery stones on any Vinoseal. From little gems in a form of a sticker to large size stones of all colours and shapes. Or refine the Vinoseal glass closure with a Rhinestone Cut – have the top of the closure cut into a shape that resembles a precious stone.

Jewellery Stones

Sticky Crystals

Rhinestone Cut


Cognac Maison Giraudé

The Premier Grand Cru de Cognac by Maison Giraud is a cognac concept for a family owned and operated cognac house. Glass is a very common closure for cognac bottles, very often crafted to such perfection it is the true crown of the packaging. Such closures are extremely expensive, which is why the Prestige design concept uses Rhinestone cut Vinoseal. The production of this closure is much more affordable and the result is both very practical for standard bottles and aesthetically pleasing. The closure is finished with black and gold printing, making it a gem worth keeping even after the bottle is empty.

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Vinoseal is a member of the Preciosa Group.