Vinoseal Premium completes the luxurious look of any bottle aiming to achieve a harmonized image.

Vinoseal Aurora

Aurora features a large glass disc on top of the glass closure reminiscent of the first rays of the morning sun after a long and busy night.

Vinoseal Commandant

Commandant is designed to accompany premium beverages to celebrate big victories. This heavy glass closure complements the robustness of the bottle packaging.

Vinoseal Conqueror

Conqueror is an uncompromising premium glass closure which perfectly suits classical and luxurious beverages.

Vinoseal Rondon

Rondon is the perfect match for a modern bottle shape. It is playful, yet it does not lose its spirit of perfection.

Vinoseal Onix

Onix brings a fresh and a modern look with the impression of premium and luxury. A smooth metallic top reflects on the purity of the bottle content.

Vinoseal Titus

Titus leaves no room for doubt about the premium content of the bottle it seals. A large metallic disc gives the feeling of assuredness.

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Vinoseal Premium gallery

Customers for all around the world have been using the Vinoseal glass closure for over a decade. Get some inspiration.

Other Vinoseal collections

Vinoseal Classic

The original version of the glass closure

Vinoseal Edge

The Vinoseal closure in a variety of creative shapes.

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