Bring your packaging to life with Vinoseal Colors

This customisation option plays with the color of the closure. You can cover the clear or the black Vinoseal with transparent or opaque colors. The sealing ring can also be tinted any color.

Transparent coloring

Opaque Coloring

Colored Sealing Rings


Blac liqueur

Blac is a brand of flavored chocolate liqueurs. In the concept for packaging the idea was to show the contrast between the smooth chocolate taste and the distinctive tastes of chilli, mint and orange flavors. This contrast is manifested in the packaging materials. The bottle is made from black matted glass with soft shapes, while the glass closures have been tinted bold vivid colors that represent the flavour. The sealing ring on the Vinoseal has been colored to match the color of the closure. As in the drink itself, these two contrasting materials create very tasteful combinations.

Vinoseal logo

Vinoseal is a member of the Preciosa Group.