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Selected testimonials from the winemakers
Vinolok Reference Henschke Winery

I love the tradition and it is very important to us as a five-generation family winery. However, when tradition lets you down as it has with cork, then it is time to look for better closures.

Stephen Henschke
owner of the Henschke Winery, Australia

Vinolok Reference Henschke Winery

We have bottled five different wines of 2003 vintage with different types of closures and have organized a comparative tasting. And customers preferred Vinoseal closure! Nowadays, we use Vinoseal for all our wines.

Rowald Hepp
managing director of Schloss Vollrads, Germany

Vinolok Reference Henschke Winery

I strongly believe that Vinoseal is an ideal closure for heavy, dense wines. Our Sangiovese 2004 closed with the Vinoseal closure shows freshness, fruitiness and nice acidity.

Franz Josef Loacker
Co-owner of Tenute Loacker, Italy

Vinolok Reference Henschke Winery

Vinoseal closure helps to keep the character of the wine in the bottle and to ensure that each bottle of this premium wine tastes identically.

Josep Buján Fernández
The winery’s oenologist at Freixeneda, Spain

Vinolok Reference Henschke Winery

We tested various closure types and only Vinoseal enabled us to complete the bottle packaging as we anticipated. The design of a closure should respect the appearance of our wine bottles.

Gérard Bertrand
Owner of Gérard Bertrand, France

Manfred Tement
Weingut Tement,

We wanted to find a solution that guarantees the quality of our wines and to resolve problems that occur when using natural cork. Vinoseal makes sure that the wine is left to its natural process of aging and eliminates any external influences. This is the big advantage of using Vinoseal which we have used since 2004.

Gérard Bru
Château Puech-Haut,

Vinoseal has contributed to the fame of our Prestige Rosé and improved awareness of our quality. Betting on Vinoseal was a winner. Customers take home a stopper along with the bottle, which means that they appreciate not only the quality of the product but also its stylish design.

Enzo Brezza
Azienda Agricola Brezza,

Thanks to Vinoseal, the disaster of unpleasant problems created by the cork, has finally been eliminated. This extremely practical glass closure substantially simplifies the serving of the wine, since the “uncorking” no longer requires a corkscrew but can be done just with the hands.

Selected testimonials from the spirits producers
Vinolok Reference Henschke Winery

Bruichladdich 12 YO bottle comes presented with the innovative Vinoseal glass closure, preventing the cork taint from affecting its flavour as it could with a bottle of wine. Not only that, they're also just generally pretty cool looking. Win-win.

Master of Malt, United Kingdom

Vinolok Reference Henschke Winery

Vinoseal is the ideal combination of design and functionality. A taste neutral closure, with no limits of individual design possibility. Our customers are left with long lasting impression when they open the bottle.

Weissbrand Distillery, Germany

Vinolok Reference Henschke Winery

Vinoseal is both a very practical and a truly unique closure. It increases the design quality of the packaging and makes it very easy to open and reclose the bottle.

Sibalco Distillery, Russia

Vinolok Reference Henschke Winery

The art of manufacturing of the Russian Diamond Premium vodka is comparable to nothing but a diamond faceting; even the tiniest error would break the perfection and the purity of the precious drink. That's the reason why we chose Vinoseal.

Rodnik Distillery, Russia

Vinolok Reference Henschke Winery

A barrel-aged, high-rye bourbon whiskey blended with complexity and spice. Adding large quantities of rye gives this bourbon an exceptional fruitiness and spice.

Defiant Spirits, United States

Vinolok Reference Henschke Winery

The high quality glass closure adds to the premium packaging of our ultra premium Canadian vodka, it is one more element that support both the brand positioning and price positioning.

Independent Craft Distillers, Canada

Non-alcoholic beverages

Besides wine and spirits, a growing number of customers start using the Vinoseal closures on other types of liquids such as bottled water and olive oil.

Producer: Sant Aniol, France - Product: Boca Water - Web: www.santaniol.com
Producer: Per Amici, Familie Fueter Lehmann- Product: Per Amici, Olio Extra Vergine d'Oliva - Web: www.peramici.ch
Producer: Cobram Estate- Product: First Harvest, Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Web: www.cobramestate.com.au
Producer: Sanpuro Vertrieb GmbH. - Product: Sanpuro premium water - Web: www.sanpuro.de/
Producer: Vinolok, Czech republic - Product: Essencia water - Web: www.vinoseal.us
Producer: Royal Blue Tea Japan Co. Ltd. - Product: Royal Blue Tea - Web: www.royalbluetea.com
Producer: Vinolok, Czech Republic - Product: Aquantica Water - Web: www.vinoseal.us
Producer: Shimodozono, Japan - Product: Ice Tea - Web: www.shimo.co.jp

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